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Construction in Progress

Hot Water Tank Replacement Winnipeg, MB – Project Manager - DCC

"The Contractor did a good job completing all the required paperwork, submitting all the required submittals in a timely manner. They were responsive to regular address changes from CFHA and were able to meet the required Contract dates with no extensions. I look forward to working the Contractor again in the future."

"The Site Superintendent was very competent and communicated with me on a daily basis. The Contractor was quick to repair small deficiencies at the time of installation or when the units were inspected by MB Hydro."

"The overall quality of the work completed by the Contractor was very good. There were no quality issues reported by occupants or observed by DCC or CFHA during site visits. There were no complaints from occupants about the professionalism of the workers and every occupant I spoke with was pleased."


"The Contractor did a very good job of advising DCC if they arrived at a house the HWT was relatively new would leave it insitu and CFHA would provide an alternate address."

"The Contractor personnel wore the required PPE while conducting their work and followed all required H&S policies including COVID-19 protocols while working in occupied houses. There were no H&S incidents issues observed and none were sent in by any occupants. The Site Superintendent was competent in the area of H&S."

Construction in Progress

Demo Skeet Range and P12 Wainwright, AB - Project Manager - DCC

"The site superintendent was very knowledgeable and managed the schedule very well.  Each site was cleaned up in a timely fashion with very few deficiencies."

"The quality of work was very good.  The site superintendent and the subcontractor worked very well together."

"All workers had the proper PPE required for this contract and there were no incidents reported."

Demo Foundations Wainwright, AB - Project Manager - DCC

"The site superintendent was very knowledgeable and managed the schedule very well. After a visit to all sites, he came up with a very good plan to complete all the work sites in an orderly fashion.

The quality of work was very good."

"The SCD was met on time and all the deficiencies were cleaned up quickly."

Steel foundations
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