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Our Heritage

Stag Construction Solutions Ltd. is an Indigenous owned company, located in Calgary, which specializes in General Contracting with sustainable solutions throughout Canada. 


As Indigenous Corporate Leaders, Stag Construction Solutions is constantly working to create relationships with other Indigenous businesses and businesses that employ Indigenous Peoples. We are extremely proud of our Indigenous history; we strive to develop our team of people through education and experience.

We have a strong personal belief in the words spoken by Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world”. Education is not only found in Schools and Universities; it is also in the workplace. Educating our people in the trades, business and interpersonal relationships is key to our future growth and success, as a company is only as good as their people. Stag Construction Solutions is committed to giving people the mentorship and opportunity to become successful, proud, and productive members of Canada’s economy. We bring diversity into the workforce by empowering people with the skills and knowledge to positively contribute to society in a meaningful way. Indigenous Peoples bring more than special skills to the workplace; they offer new perspectives that are good for businesses, government, and the communities in which we live and work. 


Stag is forming positive relationships with an economic power that is eager to assume an active role in Canada’s economy. Indigenous Peoples are one of the fastest-growing segments of the population in Canada with an overall increase in population of 42.5% since 2006.This is a four-time faster growth rate than people of a non-Indigenous population over the same period. The Canadian Census in 2016 showed nearly 1.7 million people identified as Indigenous in Canada, many of which are young and eager to work, therefore creating a new profile for the future workforce in Canada.

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Dirt Construction Site
Crane at Work
Bricks and Mortar
Construction Project

Our Mission

Our mission Is to create and sustain equitable participation of Indigenous Peoples in Canada’s Workforce through enhancing awareness, teaching, and partnerships between Indigenous Peoples and the Service and Construction sectors of the economy. 

Stag Construction Solutions will build equitable participation of Indigenous Peoples through a foundation of mutual respect, innovation, sustainable thinking, and the pursuit of excellence while keeping the highest levels of safety, quality, and value for our clients.

Our Vision has several goals that we will achieve through the work we perform for our clients every day:

  1. ​Create sustainable living for all of Canada not only Indigenous Peoples, through increased indigenous participation in the labour market.

  2. Actively recruit, train, retain and promote Indigenous employees.

  3. Promoting the value of building and sustaining long-term relationships between Indigenous peoples, the Service & Construction industries, and the Government of Canada.

Catwalk Install
Construction Project
Construction Signs
Water Treatment 2
Crane at Work
Bricks and Mortar

Partners in Construction Solutions

Stag Construction Solutions is a collaborative partner with “best value” mentality. We continually look for innovative ways to add value to our clients, vendors, alliance partners, and our people. We aspire to achieve long term relationships built on trust and transparency.


Through employing Stag Construction Solutions, you will be providing and promoting the employment of Indigenous Peoples to perform essential services to the community. You will be exposing an Indigenous Business and our team of educated well-trained people to new market opportunities in a positive way. Our hope is that the team at Stag Construction Solutions can enhance the ability to serve Indigenous Communities. By putting Indigenous Peoples to work productively and by working together cooperatively we will establish mutual community development.


All of us at Stag Construction Solutions Ltd. look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon. 


At Stag, we build relationships while providing solutions.

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